There is nothing that HE cannot do

Isaac Lim

I was born into a Christian family. My mother always told me about Jesus and God. So you might say I have the seed planted in me. But growing up, I didn’t take what my mother said seriously. For me in the younger years of my life, to go to church was a chore. It was something I never really enjoyed and would even go to the extent of rebelling in church against the teachers.

I still remember the younger days of my life, where I would walk out of the class during lessons to go and get food or just walk around because I never really found it interesting. I never really found my foothold, and that coupled with my “handicapped” Chinese made it even worse for me. It was more like an ordeal to go to church than anything else.

There was a point of time, where I felt that the “care” I was looking for wasn’t there, unknown to me though was that it was all along there just that I was too blind to even notice it.

I can say that the turning point in my Christian life was in 2001, when I went for the youth camp that year, I guess I can say that on the last day of the camp, something hit me, it’s something that I cannot explain in words but I felt that I wanted to change for the better. It must have been god working his kindness, giving me another chance or something.

After that year, a lot of things fell into place, I got a little more involved in the activities in church. In 2002 I was made part of the logistics comm. And from there just began to enjoy going to church more and more. And enjoy serving in church.

Through out the 6 years from 2001 till now, it’s been a steady uphill climb with a few ups and downs in between but God was always there to help lift me up from the lowest points of my life and was with me at the highest points in my life. I must say, god has been so gracious to me in my entire life. He managed to change me from someone that doesn’t want to even step into church to someone that enjoys going to church.

This just exemplifies the saying that, there is nothing that God cannot do, and rightly enough, there is NOTHING that he cannot do. Nothing at all, and with Jesus in my heart, I’ve never been happier


不但如此,我也将万事当作有损的,因我以认识我主基督为至宝。我为他 已经丢弃万事,看作粪土,为要得着基督。
(腓立比书 3:9)


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".. 因为神喜爱那乐意给与的人。"
(哥林多後書 9:7)

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