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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Glory to be our God. I thank God for everything that I have been given and I thank God also for giving me five children who have all joined the Glory Children Choir. I want them to be able to serve God even they are young as I believe there is no age bearer in term of serving God. Be it you are 5 years old or 75 years old. So long that you have the given breath of life by God and you are still mobile, you can participate in serving Him. It all boils down to individual heart and individual relationship with our Gracious God.

Frankly, to be parent of today Singapore’s children is not an easy task. To be Christian Parent of today children of Singapore are even tougher. Beside the upbringings, education, physical, emotional aspects of your children, you need to take care of their spiritual aspects too. The struggles that I faced is how am I going to have them all given the time I have which is the same as everyone else 24X7. The problem in today younger generation is that they are mostly drifters. Most of them can not really think a lot as they cut and paste too much from the internet. They do not have a stand on their own and are easily influences by their surroundings and peers. They really need the words of God to be deeply rooted in their lives when they are young so that during their journey on earth when faced with tribulations, trails or storms in their lives later, they can still have the fortress, anchor or yardstick that will bring them back to GOD, their creators.

Way back when they are small, I still have a full time job. The times I could spend with them were so little. I had only weekend to spend with them. The times they came to church to be with the house of God are even lesser. Given once a week with only one and half hour of Sunday school, I wondered how much God’s words they could receive? I asked myself how can I increase their love for God and how can I share God’s goodness to them. If I were to serve God, the ministry that I am in will need to allow me to have my children with me so that I can be with them. As I look around for ministry to serve in church. I noticed children Choir is a place where me and all my children can serve together. Through the invitation of Pastor Wife, Jael Goh, I entered this ministry in 2003. Then, 4 of my children joined me. In 2004, my youngest joined in and five of my children were singing in Children Choir and I am one of the teacher in charge of recreational and discipline aspect of the Choir.

There are of course many ups and downs during the serving journey. In 2005, my health was bad due to the tremendous of stress in office and at home as I had no time for exercises. My body started to give me many signals that I am overloaded. One or two of my children also refused to continue to join the choir as Sunday is the day where there were many interesting activities and distractions going on with their cousins and friends. If they were to come to church and choir practices, they could not join those activities. I thank God that I stood firm to “No” to their requests of quitting the choir. For me, so long we were in Singapore, they have to attend the Sunday school and the choir practices. There is no compromise in that .We missed church and choir practices only when we were back to Malaysia the home town of my husband for family occasions.

Many a time, I was very tired physically. Nevertheless, I press on with the strength I learned to draw from God. And thanks to the Bible study after each choir practices among the choir teachers and the prayer supports and fellowships from each of the teachers. I survive so far and am getting better. Amen! I know that God is the one sustaining me and he is the one carrying me each time I am down.

God take care each of us just like shepherd take care of his sheep. Psalms 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want. I appreciated His words in this statement much more deeply when I visited New Zealand last month and gazed upon the unlimited horizon of green fields with sheep scattered all over it. Not only is New Zealand a country of beauty decorated by the different colors of the trees and wind, all the sheep are so peacefully eating the grass on the green pasture. Immediately, I praise God for his blessings to me and my family. He has indeed blessed each of us richly. Now three of them have graduated from the children choir and are now in their secondary. I now left with two of them still in the children choir.

I would like to end by encouraging parents of young children of primary school to join the children choir as a ministry in church. If possible, join as teachers as well. You will experience God guidance along the ways and grow together with your child in Christ.

Thank you for listening to this testimony.


不但如此,我也将万事当作有损的,因我以认识我主基督为至宝。我为他 已经丢弃万事,看作粪土,为要得着基督。
(腓立比书 3:9)


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