The change will come


I am a Christian from the day i was born, grew up from Glory, and attended Sunday school like all the other Christian kids would have. However, i didn't manage to proceed up to our church's youth fellowship. Because at that period of time, our church had some issues and a big group of people left the church. I was very upset about the split of church and at that embarrass age of only 13, I couldn't figure out what had really happened. Feeling very confused and disappointed, I couldn't get myself to join the new fellowship at WeiDao neither can i get myself to go the fellowship which remained in Glory.

So, no more fellowship life for me after the splitting of church. But due to my parents, I continue to attend Sunday service. Initially, I come and go to service without much meaning to it. I do it as a routine and to please my parents. The church that remained was also quite messy. I could not get any message from our sermon too. Then gradually, I hate myself for doing such things. I have no idea why am i wasting my time here when i'm not getting anywhere especially spiritually. Many times, I wanted to leave the church to seek for answers. But there was a voice telling me not to. Telling me to wait for the change in church, telling me where will be a change. Some change that today i was still waiting, but can slowly see some light. =)

So i waited, waiting for the change. The change in me and the change in church. This change is neither obvious nor fast, but i really feel it coming.

Before I enter Uni, I got to know of a sister through an outing. She is from NTU too. She brought me to the CF in NTU. At first i resisted the idea, but i was staying in hostel and my timetable allows, so it didnt hurt to go for CF. CF gave me more hope compared to our church, drew me closer to his words.

Then, Pastor Yip came in. He saw me at bible studies lesson, invited me to Glory's tuanqi. The first impression for our taunqi was not a very good one. Again, because i believe there might be some change, so i stayed in our tuanqi.

Later was the FOC camp, which i didnt want to go but went in the end. People there are fun and God loving. And again, made me experienced him through fellowship.

Next, was the Stephen Tong's sermon immediately after the camp, his scientific approach towards the bible made my interest for God grew to new heights. I want to really know God, know what i believe in. Not to believe just because i grew up from a Christian family.

Now, i'm on my route to find out more about God. I don't know how long it will take this time before I can really say I BELIEVE in him.

I believe the change will come, the day will come.

Thats it. Thats the end of my sharing. Hopefully you can understand and feel the same or similar as i do.




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